SUP hire and rentals at Lake Balaton

The Stand Up Paddle Centre is located at the northern shore of Balaton in the heart of Hungary. (find more information at the contact section).

You can hire SUP equipment on an hourly or daily bases. You can choose between 15 different types of boards. Befor you start, we can quickly show you the basics of Stand Up Paddling.
Alround board with paddle: 5.000- HUF/hour (incl. 27% VAT)

All the boards below you will find available for rent:

SUP kölcsönző Tihany

SUP Board

This is by far your most significant gear investment. Sizes are based on the paddler”s weight and experience. More experienced and lighter paddlers can choose narrower boards. Novice paddlers should choose wider, flatter boards, which offer more stability. The length and width of SUP boards is given in feet and inches. The board sizes vary be between 6.6 ”and 14” Length (2 – 4.3 meters) and 24 “to 34” wide (60-86 centimetres).

For flat water, longer boards are used – the longer the faster. In waves you use shorter, narrower boards. The bigger the waves and the better the paddlers – the smaller the boards. Wide boards are more stable than narrow boards. All-round SUPs for beginners are between 11 ”and 12” long. Most boards are made from fibreglass. Some companies make SUP boards from a little heavier but almost indestructible Polyethylene. To ensure a good and soft grip, the boards top are usually fitted with a so-called deck pad. This is a rubber-like EVA mat on the deck of the board.

SUP Paddle

Stand up paddles have an angle or “elbow” in the shaft for maximum efficiency. The paddle are made of carbon fibre, fibreglass, wood or aluminium. There are also combinations of these materials. Which paddle you use is mostly a question of price. The lighter a paddle (carbon) – the more expensive it is. The paddle length is individually adjusted to the height of the paddler. There are also adjustable paddle. The length depends on the size of the paddler and the discipline. As a general rule, add 8 inches to your overall height of the paddler. For waves we recommend 6-8″, for flat water 8-10″ and for racing 10-12″.

Inflatable SUP boards (iSUP)

UP boards are great! The only one drawback of regular stand up paddle boards are their size. Where would you store full size paddle board unless you have house with a garage? How would you take paddle board to the water, unless you have a car with a roof rack? Or, what if you want to travel to exotic location and have paddle board with you? Inflatable SUPs, so called iSUP are the answer for all these questions! It is foldable, packable, lightweight, versatile, and easy to use when you need it. You can carry it rolled up in trunk of your car, and inflate when you are feeling like paddling. If you reside in building or condo inflatable SUP is what you need!