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A SUP drysuit is the best way to paddle trough the cold season! Water sports pose unique challenges to your wear. You want to stay comfortable whether you’re up on the board or wet from a fall. Regular sports wear doesn’t provide the right performance for serious paddlers. Outdoor wear will soak water quickly, wet-suits have no breathability, sailing and kayak drysuits are heavy and too stiff to paddle.

SUPSKIN has the perfect solution!

You can’t buy a SUP drysuit from SUP Center Balaton directly but you get 15% discount if you order from SUPSKIN.COM and use that discount code:  SUPCENTERBALATON22

SUP DRYSUIT MADE TO MEASURE: Correct fit is crucial for comfort and thermal performance of a drysuit. There is a suitable standard size for everyone, but nothing compares to the perfect fit of a made-to-measurement product. Our tailors draw up an individual cut based on 10 basic body measurements to produce a unique suit

After hundreds of hours of research, development and testing, SUPSKIN created paddle suits that combine water resistance with breathability, lightness, and stretch: Dedicated paddle wear that doesn’t interfere with your performance, but helps you paddle longer, faster, and safer.

Supskin  works with the best fabric producers, including the Swiss technology leader Schoeller Textil. Our fabrics provide the optimal combination of insulation, stretch and breathability. Water rolls off and doesn’t soak in.

The emphasis the DYNAMIC is stretch and breathability for intense training and racing, the ULTIMATE’s fabric will keep you warm even at lower heart rates as the membrane opens and closes depending on the breathability requirements, and the MAGIC is optimized for rough terrain with re-enforced fabric for durability and protection.

To make the seams waterproof a tape is glued onto the inside along each seam. The correct combination of fabric and tape as well as heat and speed in the application process are crucial for the durability of the suits’ waterproofness.

The ankles and wrists are sealed with tight latex gaskets. The size can be adjusted to your measurements by cutting a few centimeters off.

The light weight YKK Aquaseal® zippers are designed for extreme outdoor and active marine sportswear, 100% waterproof and made for salt water environments. The high-quality plastic is roughly half the weight of a conventional metal zipper and very flexible. Smooth and easy opening and closing allow you to get in and out the suit quickly.