Red Paddle Co. – the world's best inflatable SUP boards

A Red Paddle Co., developer of the world’s best SUP boards, believes that owning an inflatable board should not mean you have to compromise on performance, looks or quality. They believe that the experience you get when you use one of our boards is that of an authentic SUP experience and not a low quality substitute to the real thing. Inflatable SUP boards offer the ultimate in convenience but this should not be at the expense of performance. RED has always thought of the design of their boards as so much more than just how they look. It’s the whole experience. Owning an inflatable board is about storage, transportation, ease of inflation, as well as on-water performance. To design a board is only part of the process. Owning a Red Paddle Co inflatable board is about the whole package, the real deal and not some compromising experience that leaves you wanting more.

Miért válasszuk a RED-et?

That’s a fair question because there are a variety of inflatable boards out there. Most manufacturers also produce windsurf boards and conventional SUP boards and only consider the iSUPs as a by-product. RED Paddle Co. ONLY deals with inflatable SUPs and puts all its energy into developing them. There are also cheaper products on the market, but a Trabant is not an Audi or a Mercedes.

Fiberglass or carbon boards made of epoxy or polyester break easily. Just run against the jetty and the board already has a crack. Water penetrates and makes the board heavier. Feel free to drop Red Paddle Co. inflatable boards or crash them into a rock. Nothing will happen. All RED Allround boards are equipped with indestructible fins (iFins). These can not break off and are absolutely indestructible.

How much can a “world’s best inflatable SUP board” from RED actually withstand? Here’s the perfect video proof:

Top quality - more than a decade of commitment

RED Paddle Co. only manufactures inflatable boards, focusing on this segment, making it a market leader in this category, with products being polished and perfected year after year.

Red has had two principles from the beginning: “Not a compromise!” and
“We make stand up paddle boards that provide an authentic SUP experience.”

Over time, this message and commitment has spread to other vital areas of the company: the safety of SUPs, the reliability of their products, and the duty to protect the future of our planet. More than ten years later, Red Paddle Co has grown into a brilliant community of passionate SUP-ers from around the world. Their goal is to produce the best products and support the paddling community in every way possible.

RSS - Rocker Stiffening System

By looking at how and where a board flexes they have developed and patented the Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) to increase rigidity. It works by inserting stiffening battens along the rails of the board. The battens then work against the downward force of the rider to produce a stiffer board by preventing flex – similar to how a stringer works on a hard board. The stiffening strips are removable for easy board rolling and can be stored in the carry bag for transportation to and from the water.

MSL - stiffer, lighter, immaculate

MSL fusion composite and airtight coating New for 2016, MSL involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand gluing errors. The high-tech industrial process also saves 2-3 kg in weight and makes the boards stiffer at lower pressures.

Titan pump II

The Titan II Pump is the world’s first purpose-built, double chamber SUP pump. It’s designed to cut the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate your board by half. Constant innovation has led to us testing the absolute boundaries of inflation technology and as such, we’re confident that there’s nothing quite like the Titan II pump on the market.

The Dual Cylinder system, combined with the Hi Flo handle means you are in complete control of the energy used to inflate your board. It puts the volume into your board faster and reduces the effort required to reach a higher pressure

  • Twin chamber technology easily cuts time and effort needed to inflate your board
  • Pumps air out at 100 km/h to ensure quick and powerful inflation
  • Isolation cap allows switch to single pump when inflating to a high PSI reducing effort
  • Designed for disassembly for easy maintenance and simple replacement of parts
  • Pressure gauge on top shows an accurate reading of PSI whilst inflating
  • Multi-use across different inflatables such as airbeds boats and kites

ATB Board Bag

The ATB inflatable paddle board backpack has evolved for 2022, a large 160 litre internal capacity with plenty of room for kit and a new expandable storage compartment means you can keep items separate while on the move.

The storage compartment means the ATB is great for those looking to use the bag during a variety of activities.

This backpack is even more comfortable to carry with the addition of adjustable ergonomic support for your back and shoulders.

Paddles now comfortably pack away to the velcro securing system and the blade is safely stored in the interior blade pocket. A large outer zip pocket means any essentials can be quickly stored and are easily accessible at any point. can be packed securely away and easily accessible.

5 Year Warranty

Who else would drive a 22-tonne digger over a paddleboard to prove its durability? At Red, we design products that stand up to the most extreme adventures. Our exclusive TEC AIR process is the most rigorous quality control process in the SUP market, so you know you’re buying the highest quality. All boards in the 2022 range now come with an extended five-year warranty when registered on our website. This fantastic offer blows the industry standard 12-month warranty out of the water and further demonstrates why Red Paddle Co is the number one premium inflatable SUP brand in the world.

Thickness -Redefined

Making a board thicker will automatically make it stiffer but it will also affect the performance of the board. If a board is too thick it’s maneuverability and stability in the surf and on moving water will be compromised. RED has worked with material manufacturers to produce our drop stitch material to exact thicknesses to allow them to make the stiffest boards while still maintaining the highest level of performance and allow the board to match the feel and performance of there hard board cousins. They have tried and tested various thicknesses on different lengths of board and tried these with their designed usage until we have come up with a range that is thick for purpose!


Brand-new is the revolutionary V-Hull system, exclusive to Red Paddle Co. By cleverly tapering the cut of the drop stitch, the new hull breaks the surface tension of the water, making it easier to paddle through. Essentially, the V-Hull helps you paddle for longer with less effort. This new innovation has taken years of research, planning and development with extensive testing at The University of Plymouth’s COAST laboratory.

Speed Tail

Style and speed go hand-in-hand with the new Sport range. Designed for the slightly more experienced paddler, these boards now deliver even more dynamic performance with the all new speed tail. This brand-new feature offers nippy manoeuvrability thanks to a reduced board width and a sleek, drawn-out nose section. The rubberised edge on the tail aids water release, so the boards cut through water cleanly, allowing you to paddle faster and further. Also available on the new 12’0 Voyager!

Adjustable Cargo System

Updated and redesigned for 2022, all Red Paddle Co boards now come with larger, flat, adjustable bungee straps. This new design creates extra tension, safely securing all your gear to the board, so you can paddle with confidence.

Accessories Mount

All boards feature an accessories mount to attach cameras, cell phones, fishing rods or other devices

3 piece vario paddle

3-PIECE Practical and perfect for traveling, with no compromise on performance. They split into three parts so they easily fit into the back pack, meaning you can go anywhere and do anything! Fully adjustable to suit any adult rider height through the lock system means adjustments can be made in an instant.

It is a really good paddle for traveling and storage.

RED Board Range

The Red Paddle Co product range offers a wide range of different SUP boards, so everyone can find the right Stand Up Paddle board for them. You can choose from the following categories:

  • Allround: Ride and Compact
  • Touring: Sport and Voyager
  • Race: Elite and Dragon
  • Speciality: Activ (yoga), Windsurf, Whip, Wild, Snapper
  • Multi person: Voyager Tandem, XL-Ride, Dragon

RED Paddle Co. boards

RED 9’8 RIDE – 9’8″ x 31″ x 185 litres

2022-es RED 9'8" Ride felfújható stand up paddle board

RED 10’6 RIDE – 10’6″ x 32″ x 245 litres

RED 10'6" Ride MSL univerzális SUP (2022)
Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride SE MSL SUP

RED 10’8 RIDE – 10’8″ x 36″ x 270 litres

Red Paddle Co 11'0" x 30" Sport MSL túra SUP deszka

RED 11’0 SPORT – 11’0″ x 30″ x 235 litres

Red Paddle Co '22-es 11'3 Sport MSL felfújható SUP deszka

RED 11’3 SPORT – 11’3” x 32” x 260 litres

Red Paddle Co '22-es 11'3 Sport MSL felfújható SUP deszka
Red 2022-es 11'3 Sport SE - lila színű SUP kiadás

Red 12’6 SPORT – 12’6” x 30” x 330 litres

2022-es Red Paddle Co 12'6" Sport MSL SUP

RED 12’6 ELITE – 12’6″ x 28″ x 315 litres

Red Paddle 12'6" x 28" Elite MSL 2022

RED 14’0 ELITE – 14’0″ x 27″ x 345 litres

Red Paddle Co 14'0 x 27" Elite MSL 2022-es SUP modell

RED 12’0 VOYAGER – 12’0” x 28” x 285 litres

RED 12’6 VOYAGER – 12’6” x 32” x 360 litres

'22-es Red Paddle Co 12'6" Voyager MSL SUP deszka

RED 13’2 Voyager+ – 13’2” x 30” x 345 litres

Red Paddle Co 2022-es évjáratú 13'2 Voyager+ MSL SUP modell

RED 10’7 WINDSURF – 10’7″ x 33” x 260 litres

10'7 Windsurf Red Paddle Co

RED 10’8 ACTIV – 10’8″ x 34” x 335 litres

RED 15’0 TANDEM – 15’0″ x 34″ x 723 litres

2022-es kétszemélyes RED 15'0 Tandem MSL

RED 17’0 XL RIDE – 17’0″ x 60″ x 1300 litres

10 személyes SUP deszka

RED 22’0 DRAGON – 22’0″ x 34″ x 950 litres

Red 22'0 Dragon 4 személyes SUP deszka

PACT™ technology

The ultra-light Compact models are made with patented PACT™ technology, resulting in a standard-sized SUP, yet half as small as a traditional inflatable stand up paddle board. These special SUPs are extremely space-saving and easy to travel with due to their low weight. The packed backpack, including a 5pc paddle, Titan Pump II and a leash, is halfe the size of a conventional bag.

COMPACT boards

RED 9’6 COMPACT – 9’6″ x 32” x 222 litres

RED 11’0 COMPACT – 11’0″ x 32” x 269 litres

RED 12’0 COMPACT Voyager – 12’0″ x 32″ x 302 litres