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RED 12’6 Elite MSL 800

463.600 Ft539.600 Ft (incl.VAT)

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RED 12’6 Elite MSL 800

The 12’6 Elite MSL 800 inflatable paddleboard is a pure racing machine, completely redesigned for ambitious paddlers who are hungry for competition. Well-balanced yet unapologetically built for speed, it’s narrow and fast, redefining what’s possible in the 12’6 fleets. Race-tuned for rapid acceleration, blistering pace, arrow-true tracking, and mark-rounding manoeuvrability.

At just 25″ wide the 12’6 Elite MSL 800 speeds through the water with minimal resistance, its square-tailed planshape extending volume into the rear for reliable stability – particularly around the turns. Built in our new ultra-light, super-stiff MSL 800 double-drop-stitch material, reinforced with RSS battens, this race-winning shape weighs remarkably little but is amazingly stiff. (So stiff, in fact, that at this length no FFC rod is required.)

Reengineered EVA rail risers promote full-power paddling and effective footsteering while the central carry handle and forward side handles are perfectly positioned for portages and transitions. For training practicality it features adjustable bungees, a bottle holder, and M6 accessory mount.

Rocker Stiffening System (RSS): Unique to Red Paddle Co. – The Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) was designed and patented to make the more performance orientated Red Paddle Co boards even stiffer. Paddleboards that feature RSS come with two stiffening battens which can be slotted into pockets that are individually laminated onto the side of the board (ensuring a perfect fit). It has been proven to make the board up to 45% stiffer.

RAIL FOOT HOLDS: Raised rails allow the rider to dig their feet into the board. This will give a grounded stance meaning more energy can be channelled into each paddle stroke.

Timeless design: The Red Paddle Co iconic design has been updated for 2021 with a more streamlined look and feel. The extended Red embossed deck pad now reaches right down to the tail, wraps closer to the rails, and offers superior comfort and grip. The diamond-cut rear provides extra stability for performing step back turns, or for riding in bigger waves.

Ergonomic tubular handles on all boards to give a cushioned, comfy grip when carrying your board.

Titan II pump! Included with all of our SUP packages, Our newly refined industry-leading Titan II pump takes you from neatly-packed to fully-inflated in half the time, with half the effort.

ATB TRANSFORMER BOARD BAG: Introducing a complete redesign of our bestselling inflatable SUP backpack. Highly engineered adjustable ergonomic support means that the ATB Bag now offers exceptional levels of support for your shoulders and back. Exterior straps mean that the bag can be compressed making it more comfortable and a pleasure to carry. It’s now easier to pack away your paddle with an interior paddle blade pocket and a velcro securing system so your paddle is safe and secure while on the move. A large outer zip pocket means any essentials can be packed securely away and easily accessible.

Our revolutionary bag-less carry system has been designed with all paddleboarders in mind. For the adventurers, you can now go further and access more remote waterways without the need of a heavy bulky bag. Perfect for families, it’s now easier, quicker and more convenient to pack up your kit after a long day at the beach.

Accessory mount: An integrated M6 thread makes it possible to attach a GoPro camera mount or other accessory mounts from Ram Mount or Railblaza.

What comes with the RED Paddle Co. 12’6 Elite MSL 800 SUP:

  • Titan pump II
  • Race fin
  • Service set
  • Red Paddle Co. ATB transformer bag
  • Waterproof phone case
  • 2 RSS battens
VOLUME 262 litres
LENGTH 12’6 / 381 cm
WIDTH 25″ / 63,5 cm
WEIGHT 8,7 kg
RIDERS 1 – 2
BAG SIZE 96 cm (h) x 39 cm (w) x 36 cm (d)
BAG VOLUME 134 liter
FIN US Box Race fin

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