Ingyenes szállítás EU-ban 180.000-HUF rendelés felett.

RED 5-részes Karbon Evező

83.850 Ft (Áfa-val)

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RED 5-Piece Compact Carbon Paddle

RED Paddle Co. – Adjustable length, light, strong and compact. Made from a combination of carbon and nylon, it can be taken in five parts and, thanks to its shape, fits perfectly in the Compact backpack, with or without space.

Paddle pen: Nylon
Oar handle: Carbon
Setting: Lever Lock
Number of parts: 5

Material: Made of high modulus carbon for extra rigidity with durable nylon paddle head.

Eco: The rowing nylon head is laser etched, without printing, chemicals or transfer, and is made of a single clean material. This means that the design lasts forever and has no aesthetic implications.

Assembly: The new anti-twist adjustment system with 45-degree push-button technology has resulted in the most compact Red blade to date.

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