Ingyenes szállítás EU-ban 180.000-HUF rendelés felett.

2022 RED 11’3 SPORT MSL

475.410 Ft (Áfa-val)

5-year warranty ( according to Red Paddle Co.’s warranty guidelines )

SUP training as a gift! If you buy SUP online, we will give you a beginner’s SUP course as a gift!



2022 RED 11’3 SPORT MSL

Who do we recommend? For those who want more performance.

This model is also available in classic blue or purple ( 11’3 Sport SE )! Speed, style and comfort – this is how it can be succinctly described. If the Ride is the ideal “family car”, then the Sport is a pronounced “sports car”.

The width of the 11’3 Sport model (32”) is the same as that of the award-winning 10’6 Ride board, so whatever your experience, you’ll feel super stable!

It’s a good choice if you’re going on longer trips and want to paddle at a faster pace, even though this is not a race board, it belongs more to the ‘touring’ category. The secret lies in the shape: they are narrower than the Ride and have an elongated nose, so they cut through the water better and glide faster, allowing you to row more dynamically.

The Sport models are also available in three different sizes in our store:
size 11’0 is ideal for up to 75 kg body weight,
size 11’3 is wider and more stable and suitable for up to 110 kg,
size 12’6 is suitable for heavier people (up to 110 kg) and for faster, more dynamic rowing.

All models are available with the quality FCS skeg, which can be easily attached to the board with one screw.

RSS, which makes the board stiffer

Thanks to the patented Rocker Stiffening System (abbreviated: RSS), the boards are 40% stiffer. We slide two braces (latniks) into laminated pockets on the side of the board. There is a rope at the end of the latnik, which can be attached to the board with Velcro. With the rope, the latniks are easy to remove from the board. The braces are super flexible so they can’t break, and they’re orange so they’re easy to find on the beach when you’re packing up your board.


Thanks to the patented MSL technology , RED boards are so stiff that they could be made aesthetically thin. In contrast to this, the other companies on the market – due to the lack of appropriate technology – design their boards thick, because this is the only way they can achieve approximately sufficient stiffness. The thick board, on the other hand, is aesthetically less beautiful and not nearly as stable, since the center of gravity is higher.
All Red Paddle Co boards are made using MSL technology. With this state-of-the-art technology, the boards are on average 2-3 kg lighter, and even at lower pressure, they have become sufficiently stiff. If you don’t believe it, watch the video when we drove over it with a 22-ton grapple!


The Sport models made for experienced SUP riders now provide even more dynamic performance with their brand new rear design (speed tail). This new feature, thanks to the slim shape of the board and the thin, elongated nose section, offers fast maneuverability. The rubberized edge on the bottom of the SUP guides the water away from the board more easily, so it cuts through the water cleanly, allowing you to move faster and more easily.

TITAN II – the queen of pumps

Red Paddle Co’s revolutionary Titan pump has been rethought and completely redesigned for 2021.

The Titan pump II. the world’s best SUP pump , which can be used to pump up the board much faster (within minutes) than with a SUP compressor. The air moves into the board at a speed of up to 100 km/h. Thanks to the foldable legs and removable handles, it is 30% smaller than the previous pump. The double cylinder system combined with the ergonomic handles allow you to have full control over the energy invested in pumping up the board.
The end result: faster pumping with less effort.


Red’s wheeled terrain backpack has been completely redesigned, not to mention how well its design matches the new look of SUPs. Thanks to the improvements, the new model, in addition to the backpack function, also offers a carrying system without a bag. This means that you don’t need to carry the entire backpack with you, just use the straps!

This frame system allows you to easily approach more distant landing points with your SUP board, while you don’t have to worry about your backpack, whether you should leave it on the beach or take it with you on your board.

The wheels have become bigger and stronger, so you can roll your bag over even the roughest terrain. The anthropometric design can be fully customized to your height, so you can be sure that it protects your body to the maximum even under load: it has adjustable, wide shoulder and waist straps. All important stuff can fit in the large outer pockets, and your three-piece paddle is also safe in the inner pocket with Velcro. With the external straps, you can shrink the bag to the size of its contents, if practicality dictates it. The inner material has a stylish red repeating pattern and its water resistance minimizes the penetration of moisture.


The newly improved pack attachment features an adjustable rubber strap and two additional wide, flat, self-closing elastic straps. The double D-ring locking system allows for easy attachment and release, and the small loop is ideal for storing a water bottle or beach slippers.


The iconic look of Red Paddle Co models has been updated for 2021. The embossed cover (deck pad) with the small Red patterns now reaches all the way to the back and sides of the board, ensuring comfort and excellent grip. The diamond-cut rear cover provides additional grip during turning maneuvers and in more difficult conditions.


This model has a special thread into which the Red camera holder can be attached . The thread is also compatible with Railblaza and Ram Mounts  products, so you can easily attach to the board not only a Gopro, but also a mobile phone, camera, fishing rod, or even an oar if you want to splash around in the water.

Red Paddle Co offers more than an authentic SUP experience, we also add the following to the 11’3 Sport MSL board:

  • Titan pump II
  • RSS latnik
  • “FCS Connect Fin” – 1 pc
  • Service kit
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Red Paddle Co ATB Convertible Backpack
BOARD LENGTH 11’3″ / 335 cm
BOARD WIDTH 32″ / 81 cm
BACKPACK SIZE 96cm (h) x 39cm (w) x 36cm (m)
SZKEG FCS US Box spike (removable)